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December 2017

Providence Baptist Church hosted the North Carolina Baptist Men's Dental Bus. Through this ministry, approximately 20 local citizens received dental and spiritual care.

Providence's 2017 Dental Bus Outreach
Gray skies couldn't hinder the excitement of our dental outreach.
The Dental Bus offered two patient chairs and state-of-the-art dental equipment.
Providence members volunteered in many roles from patient guides to spiritual counselors.
Each patient was given a bag containing several useful dental and spiritual items.
If your church would like to sponsor the NC Baptist Men's Dental Bus, click HERE for more information.

October 2017

One of Providence's pastors, along with his wife and a few friends of the church, traveled to a remote African community to provide assistance to some of the churches in that area. Through their efforts, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be furthered as many lives are touched and improved.

September 2017

Members of Providence Baptist Church traveled to the mountains of West Virginia, and in conjunction with Hills and Hollows Ministries (a local ministry that serves communities in that area), ministered to a mother and her children who had been struggling to make ends meet. God worked through them, and by His grace, the mother came to know Christ as her personal Savior.

August 2017

An ambassador for Providence Baptist Church, affectionately known to the congregation as “Brother Harry”, traveled to an undisclosed location in South Africa to train several local pastors from that area. Battling through illness and the threat of government interference, the group was able to successfully meet for several days and were all blessed through the sharing and teaching of God’s Word.

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